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About Us


Bir Terraces was envisioned by Maha'Bir' Prasad Vashisht who yearned for a space far away from the chaos of city life. A space free of noise, and pollution. A space to reconnect with nature. A space to retire and rediscover life - among misty mountains, under starry skies, a sanctuary to farm, hike own a candy shop for kids in the village with his wife.

Architect Praveen Vashisht (Son) who has over 3 decades of experience building homes in the mountains, began working full-time to fulfill his father's vision.  Along with Meeta Vashisht (Daughter-In-Law), he built a home that offers an elevated and wholesome experience to all those visiting it.

During the ground of this project, Bir Vashisht (72) passed on, fighting cancer with great strength and determination.

His love, legacy, and principles live on.

Bir Terraces Origin Story


At Bir Terraces, we believe in upholding our core values of sustainability, community, and hospitality. We strive to create a welcoming environment that fosters meaningful connections with our guests, while also preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding environment through responsible practices. Our commitment to these values allows us to offer a unique and authentic experience for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat in the mountains.

Bio Dynamic Farming - Bir Terraces Principles

Bio Dynamic

We follow a holistic approach that emphasizes the interconnectedness of soil, plants, animals, and humans. We make all our fertilizers and pesticides in-house using natural plant materials growing around us.


We believe in showing love and respect for animals by following a vegetarian menu with the exception of eggs. We recognize the important role animals play in our ecosystem and aim to promote sustainable and ethical food practices.

Grey Water Harvesting - Bir Terraces Principles

Grey Water

Our grey water harvesting system collects and filters waste water from sinks, showers, and washing machines. The treated water is then reused for irrigation, reducing our reliance on fresh water.

Rain Water Harvesting - Bir Terraces Principles

Rain Water

We have implemented a rainwater harvesting system that allows us to collect and store up to 65,000 liters of rainwater. This ensures that we have a sustainable source of water during the drier/hotter months when the regular water supply may be cut off.

In-House Natural Skincare - Bir Terraces Principles

In-House Natural Skincare

Since we use grey water to hydrate our farm, handmade toiletries by  Nativ Indie are provided to all our guests. These products are 100% natural, sustainable, and free of harsh chemicals, and the best part- they are made right here on the property!

Aerobic Composting - Bir Terraces Principles

Aerobic Composting

We conscientiously segregate wet and dry waste to make sure organic waste matter is composted so as to fertilize our soils. We dispose of dry waste responsibly and urge guests to reduce their waste footprint when they travel.

Bir Family

Our team of tireless and dedicated individuals embody the essence of mountain hospitality. They ensure every guest is met with an experience worth cherishing.

We believe hospitality is accomplished when one feels like they are leaving their home during their departure. To add to our charm, our four-legged companions, consisting of dogs and cats, bring a unique sense of warmth and comfort to our guests' stay.

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