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"Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."


                                                                                            - Ibn Battuta


Unexplored Kumaon

Kumaon, a region located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, is a lesser-known gem that boasts a rich history and unparalleled views of the Himalayas. This region has been home to several ancient kingdoms, including the Katyuri dynasty and the Chand dynasty, which have left their mark on the region in the form of magnificent forts, temples, and palaces.

Today, Kumaon offers visitors the chance to explore this fascinating history while taking in breathtaking views of the Sub Himalayan ranges like Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli. From snow-capped peaks, lakes, and waterfalls, to places of innate spiritual importance like Kainchi Dham, the panoramic landscapes in Kumaon are simply spectacular.

Despite its beauty and historical significance, Kumaon remains a relatively undiscovered destination, making it the perfect place for those seeking an authentic and off-the-beaten-path travel experience.

3BHK Luxury Cottage with Himalayan Views


Our cottage in the foothills of Kumaon, designed and owned by architect Praveen Vashisht, showcases a beautiful blend of traditional Victorian architecture with Kath-Kuni masonry.

The cottage itself embodies intricate details such as gingerbread trim, ornate moldings, and custom-made wrought iron fixtures that give it an elegant and timeless appearance. Large sliding doors throughout the home ensure a picturesque indoor-outdoor experience.

We are committed to sustainability, and our approach goes beyond minimizing our environmental impact to actively enhancing the spaces that we inhabit. This includes the use of upcycled furniture and other eco-friendly materials throughout the property. The estate and cottage are engulfed by native plants, trees, and farmland that blend seamlessly with the terraced landscape.

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The Space

Bir Terraces is set amidst 7 acres of forested terraces which offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life by the way of creating spaces that allow us to reconnect with nature.

A sprawling farm practicing natural and bio-dynamic farming gives birth to an unending menu of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. A quaint shack made of bamboo allows you to take a breath, while the wind whistles against the Pine.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a cricket pitch and an open badminton court. The cottage also has a serene yoga space that is perfect for meditation and rejuvenation. 

The estate is full of nooks and corners, perfect to sip that tea slowly, read that book intently, admire the shades of green and blue, and explore admiringly.  


 The Cottage exudes charm and coziness with three lavishly designed en-suite bedrooms with balconies, vintage fireplaces, a spacious and cozy lobby area, and a beautiful patio. Break bread with your loved ones over our custom made dining table or under cool oak trees outside. 


3500 Sqft.

3 Bedrooms

Internet Access

Pet Friendly

Ala Carte 


In-House Natural Skincare

All Natural

Cast Iron

On The Inside


Each of the three charming bedrooms in the cottage has its own independent access and is equipped with a cast iron fireplace, study desk, upcycled furniture, and an attached washroom.