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Experience Utopia In The Hills

Set to a backdrop of the Nanda Devi (the second tallest peak in India), Bir Terraces offers guests an unforgettable experience of hiking trails, breathtaking waterfalls, short trips to spiritually significant sites, and farm tours to learn about local fauna and agriculture. Spectate at butterflies collecting their nectar, the cat taking a sunny nap, and the birds feasting on our berry trees. Watch nature, naturally while you disconnect and rejuvenate.

Culinary Feast

Prepare your taste buds for a journey of culinary delight at Bir. Our kitchen serves up local Kumaoni delicacies, International cuisine as well as comfort food that we know and love.

 Whether it's a hearty breakfast to start your day, a light lunch under the cool oak, a BBQ under the stars, or a sumptuous feast made in the tandoor we hand built - we have something for every occasion and preference.

At Bir Terraces, we understand that food is not just a necessity but a sensory experience. We would love for our guests to remember their vacations through the nostalgia, familiarity, and surprise of the meals they ate here.

Nature Hikes

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.

That's why we've curated six nature hikes that offer our guests a chance to immerse themselves in nature, practicing the concept and philosophy of Shinrin yoku.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting out, we have a trail for you. Our easy hikes are perfect for families with children, while our more challenging treks offer a rewarding experience for those adventurous at heart.


You can hike to hilltops and watch towering peaks, or through lush verdant forests, experience a serene valley, or maybe walk through our village that offers a peek into local Kumaoni life. A special hike to the local stream during summer is sure to invigorate you from the tiring city heat!

 For those who want to take it easy, brunches can be arranged at most of our treks at an additional charge, allowing you to relax and refuel amidst the awe-inspiring scenery.

All our hikes are led by experienced guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the local flora and fauna. 

So come experience the diverse magic of the Himalayas, slowly and wholly.

Places To Explore

Situated between Nainital and Almora, places us a great base point to discover the cultural heritage of the Kumaon region. Dev Bhoomi is home to ancient temples and shrines, and spaces of devotional and archeological importance.

 History buffs and spiritual seekers alike will find delight in exploring the Neemkaroli Baba's Kainchidham, Kasar Devi, Surya Katarmal, and Jageshwar Temple, some of which date back to the 10th century.

For adventure enthusiasts, there's no shortage of options to choose from. The nearby waterfall offers a refreshing respite from the summer heat and is a favorite among children and adults alike. A visit to the picturesque lakes nearby provides a chance to indulge in water sports like boating, zorbing, zip-lining, and paragliding (subject to availability).